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  • 12.00 EGT Digital y PublicWin: Una combinación de éxito en Rumanía
  • 12.00 ¡BOO! Beat: Música y misterio con WorldMatch
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"Our focus remains on being the experts who make clients’ wishes come true", Yana Mareva, Uplatform

Jueves 21 de Diciembre 2023 / 12:00

2 minutos de lectura

(Cyprus, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Yana Mareva, Head of PMO and Account Management at Uplatform granted an interview to SoloAzar to talk about the great performance of the company during this year 2023, and the expectations and goals for the following year 2024. Uplatform is a dynamic sports betting and casino operating platform comprising a highly skilled team whose primary concern is the client success.

"Our focus remains on being the experts who make clients’ wishes come true", Yana Mareva, Uplatform

What do you think were the most influential facts or developments during 2023 for the firm?

2023 was a year of both challenges and significant achievements for us. Most notably, we expanded our client base by an impressive 70% and doubled our team's size. These milestones were reached amidst the complexities of rapid scaling. Our success is largely due to effective teamwork, efficient training and onboarding systems, and ongoing process optimization. This year also marked important collaborations, particularly with our Asian partners, which I believe will bring fruitful outcomes. We also focused on critical areas like KYC and user verification services, adapting to the evolving regulatory environments by offering flexible Customer Journey Maps, showcasing our commitment to industry leadership.

What trends do you see in the gaming industry and how is the company positioned in order to take advantage of them during 2024?

The gaming industry is currently experimenting with virtual reality, especially in live casinos, aiming to offer players a unique, customizable gaming experience without the need for extensive physical infrastructure. While there's some hesitation regarding the use of specialized VR equipment, the potential here is enormous. We're also leveraging AI technologies to enhance various aspects of our operations, like Customer Support and Risk Management. Our focus is on harnessing these technologies to improve efficiency and decision-making processes. However, the challenge lies in the limited global computing resources necessary for developing and training large language models, but with the right resources and a skilled team, we're poised to make significant strides in the market.

What are your expectations for the gaming industry in 2024 (in terms of new products releases, new markets, new technologies, etc.)?

The sports betting and casino industry witnessed some unexpected developments in 2023, particularly in traditionally conservative markets like Brazil, which recently regulated the industry. We're also seeing a surge in markets in Asia, where there's a strong inclination towards innovative technologies and online platforms. I expect significant growth and opportunities for partnerships in these regions, signaling an exciting era for the gaming industry.

What strategies and projects do the company have in mind for the coming year?

Looking ahead, we're focused on further enhancing our product to better meet business needs. Our aim is to enhance its adaptability for a broader geographical reach and to make it more conducive for independent business management. Key areas of development include optimizing our payment aggregator and placing a significant emphasis on developing and improving our mobile applications.

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes, there are several exciting achievements I'd like to highlight. This year, in addition to the Sigma Award for the Best Innovative Sportsbook and the Starlet Award for the Best Esports Product, some of our personnel have also been recognized for their outstanding achievements. Nelli Melik, the Head of Sales, and my humble self, the Head of PMO & Account Management, received the prestigious 5 Star Top 20 Awards, which celebrate exceptional leadership, innovation, and business development skills in the iGaming industry. These accolades reflect our commitment to excellence and innovation in service to our clients. We also had the opportunity to participate in and visit 11 international events, enhancing our global footprint and gaining valuable insights into diverse markets. More importantly, our focus remains on being the experts who make clients’ wishes come true. As we continue to refine and perfect our solutions, including our newly launched offering, the Casino Aggregator, our primary goal for the next year is to drive even greater profits and success for our clients, staying true to our mission of turning aspirations into tangible results.


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09 de Abril 2024

Fast Track impulsa su innovación y personalización en la industria del iGaming durante GAT Expo 2024

(Cartagena de Indias, Exclusiva SoloAzar) - En GAT Expo Cartagena 2024, Fast Track se destacó con sus innovadoras soluciones CRM diseñadas específicamente para la industria del iGaming. Muriel Le Senechal, Consultora de Soluciones de Fast Track habló sobre su buena experiencia en la feria, la excepcional respuesta al stand de Fast Track, que impresionó a los visitantes con su integración de datos en tiempo real y la IA y finalmente reflexionó sobre el 25 aniversario de GAT como una evolución en la industria del juego de América Latina.

Jueves 18 de Apr 2024 / 12:00

Rocío Moitino de AIR DICE: “GAT se ha convertido en un evento clave para la industria”

(Cartagena, Exclusivo SOLOAZAR).-Luego del paso de AIR DICE por la edición veinticinco de GAT Expo Cartagena 2024 Rocío Moitino, la Directora de ventas de la empresa repasa con nosotros los puntos más altos de la exitosa exposición que tuvo lugar en el Centro de Convenciones Las Américas, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Miércoles 17 de Apr 2024 / 12:00

José Anibal Aguirre nos cuenta por qué cree que ésta fue la mejor edición de GAT

(Cartagena, Exclusivo SOLOAZAR).- Hablamos con José Aníbal Aguirre, el CEO de Gaming & Technology Expo, quien no puede evitar mostrar su satisfacción frente a una nueva edición de GAT en Colombia, la cual superó ampliamente a la del año pasado. “Hubo récord de asistencia, tuvimos los visitantes de los dos días del año pasado en uno de este. El crecimiento de la exposición fue de un 20 o 25 % en este nuevo salón y esto representa una gran noticia” explica.

Martes 16 de Apr 2024 / 12:00


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