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"The FBM Group's strategy for 2024 is to conquer more": Renato Almeida, Director at FBM

Lunes 15 de Enero 2024 / 12:00

2 minutos de lectura

(Malta, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Renato Almeida, Director at FBM, granted an interview to SoloAzar in which he made an evaluation of the performance of the firm in 2023 and anticipated the trends and goals for 2024, among other subjects.

"The FBM Group's strategy for 2024 is to conquer more": Renato Almeida, Director at FBM

What have been the highlights of 2023? (In terms of events, trade shows, products, technologies, etc).

We had a very productive and positive year in the FBM® Group, registering a significant evolution in the land-based and online segments.

In the land-based universe, the remarkable moments of 2023 were the expansion of our operations to the United States with an ambitious strategy, the installation of our slots in the Philippines, the fantastic expansion of Jin Qián Link™ in Mexico and, of course, the launch of our new Auria cabinet.

FBM’s trade show calendar included impressive displays at ICE London, FIJMA, OIGA Conference & Tradeshow and G2E Las Vegas, with thousands of visitors and fruitful networking sessions.

In the iGaming landscape, FBMDS continued its growth journey, combining the addition of new gaming experiences to its portfolio with the integration of its titles in several casinos. One of the highlights for FBMDS was the fantastic expansion registered in LATAM markets through the brand’s world-leading video bingos. Our diverse portfolio of video bingos kept growing in 2023 and raising its loyal base of fans, especially in Latin American countries.

But that was not all about our 2023. FBMDS inaugurated its crash gaming category with the Champion Tales launch and reinforced its slots and table games offer. The Golden Mystery pack brought four captivating slots in a compelling story, and the Top+Plus collection added new and improved gaming experiences of Banca Francesa, Blackjack and Baccarat games.

The trade show calendar for FBMDS cumulated the usual presences at ICE London and G2E Las Vegas with an exclusive booth in SBC Barcelona and panel participation in SBC Summit Malta, SBC Latinoamerica and SIGMA Europe.

What are the trends for the industry in 2024? (regarding new regulations, new technologies, products, etc)

The casino industry is very competitive and has a fast evolution pace. Players show different preferences according to their culture and age, and technology has a notorious impact on transformative casino offers.

Starting with the cultural and age differentiation and, considering our reality at the FBM Group, we have witnessed that video bingos, for example, are highly appreciated on the land-based offer by Filipino players and on the digital segment by LATAM markets. But, if we move to Mexico or the USA, players' preferences rely on slots.

So, I think that game providers need to keep being attentive to each local audience to understand their desires and use this data to offer games that combine reliable performance with game mechanics, aesthetics features and payouts matching the local player expectations.

Besides the country’s game type preferences, we can also notice differences between the generations. There are players who prefer to visit physical gaming spaces to feel their atmosphere or enjoy a pleasant gaming session and then go to a live concert in the same space. On the other hand, in the same country, we have players looking for new alternatives for their entertainment journeys in the digital space.

So, another visible trend is the integration of different entertainment offers (music, comedy, and games) in the physical gaming spaces and the development of digital offers that can serve different scenarios. First, a scenario where players can complement their sessions at the casino with comfortable sessions at home in an omnichannel experience. Second, with a smooth migration from the physical space to the online environment.

The generation gap is also visible in the research for new gaming experiences. While some players kept their preferences and behavior patterns very stable, others are looking for casino products where their decisions can have a more tangible impact on the outcome. One clear example is how the Crash games emerged in the iGaming landscape. This game type brought a different “tension” to gaming sessions and infinite possibilities of creation in terms of game dynamics.

Technology has a relevant role when we talk about gaming trends by introducing new possibilities in the gaming experience using AR and VR, for example. Besides these two options, the utility of AI and big data is already palpable as casino operations can now personalize their players' gaming experiences, offer display, ensure more safety for everyone involved, and automate processes.

What strategies and projects do you have for next year?

The FBM Group's strategy for 2024 is to conquer more. We desire to add new Champion chapters, and the plan for 2024 includes a strong start to ignite a successful year.

This ambition for FBM combines the growth in the markets where the brand has already established itself for years with the consolidation of new markets and the sequential launch of products, that can add value to its existing portfolio of video bingos and slots in the land-based segment.

For FBMDS, we want to keep bringing innovative, high-quality games that answer the desires of the local audiences, while expanding our digital footprint by integrating FBMDS’ vast portfolio of games in new online casinos operating from different geographies. Video bingo will keep being, for sure, the leader of a diverse sample of online casino games where the crash games will also have a prominent role by bringing new gaming experiences.

In the end, the recipe is to bring products for the physical and online markets that match the quality, innovation, and reliability that operators and players recognize in the FBM Group, after over 20 years of success and growth in the casino industry.


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